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We design all the visual elements which create and develop a brand.

Every organisation, and therefore every identity problem, is different. When we work with you to invent, or reinvent your brand, together we can discover your vision, aspirations and audience. This helps us to define the appropriate words, visual elements and forms to use to communicate and position your brand.

We do not have a house style, or try to shoe-horn projects into a process. Our approach can involve research and naming exercises for start up companies, a series of evolutionary progressions for existing brands, or something in between. The end result should be a striking and memorable identity, with guidelines for use across all media and a strategy for developing your brand.

How we can help you

Tuch create and develop visual identities for companies, organisations, SMEs and exhibitions.

What we do

Identity design
Identity implementation
Brand Guidelines
Branded clothing
Form design
Vehicle liveries
Web design

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For some clients we are are entrusted with developing an existing brand identity, and with ensuring consistency and standards are upheld in the materials we produce. Our directors are certified Brand Ambassadors for Aon; we work in a similar capacity for The Royal Mint and the Bank of England.

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To find out more, or to arrange to meet us in person for a free consultation, please contact us, or call Nigel on +44 (0)7780 677 326.

What can we do for you?

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