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Reviving old print styles

We love working with unusual techniques, print processes and special materials to produce quality printed material which stands out from the crowd. ..


Forms and function – neat typography and icons

You cannot be ambiguous when presenting facts or getting your message across. Your words, type, symbols and colours all need to work hard so that the reader doesn’t have to. ..


Tuch promo video clip

Whilst sorting through files during our end of year tidy we came across this clip from 2009, still relevant. Originally created in flash we have exported it as a movie for your pleasure… enjoy! ..


Aviva animations

As part of our design work for the Aviva induction pack, which was sent to all new recruits, we produced these short animated typographic videos to portray the Spirit of Aviva. ..


Putting the Royal Mint Museum online

Tuch were commissioned by Royal Mint Museum to develop their first website following their accreditation. The site will eventually allow their entire collection to be searched and viewed online.  ..


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